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HO7 V-U & HO7 V-R:

This cable is aimed for the use in filerie and switch board wiring :
Building permises,offices, administrations,...
The HO7 V-R is commonly used for its better contact and vibration resistance.


Conductor : Solid copper, Stranded copper
Insulation : Coloured PVC


Rated voltage : HO7 V-U : 450/750 V & HO7 V-R : 300/500 V
Conductor :
HO7 V-U Solid copper class 1
HO7 V-R Stranded copper class 2
Max. permissible temperature : 70°C Operating T° / 160°C Short-circuit T°
Conductors identification : Red; blue; black; grey; brown orange; turquoise; purple; G/Y